ReDO Terminal

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Simplified. Customized. Optimized. 


Finance, zoning, and loan data right at your fingertips

A new way of working.

The old method of vetting a deal is time consuming and uncertain. Countless hours are spent performing research, pulling market data, and loading it all into a spreadsheet. Analysts examine hundreds of properties, a vast majority of which don’t result in a deal.

ReDO automates this entire process by auto-populating the data and performing the analysis for you. No more tedious research and repetitive iteration. With ReDO you’ll examine more deals in less time.



Complex and non-optimized data is manually loaded into a spreadsheet. Manually collecting assumptions adds risk to a deal and takes hours or days.


The ReDO Experience

ReDO compiles all input data, iterates through thousands of possible highest best uses, and returns an optimized solution for a site in seconds. This allows our users to save time, save money, increase certainty and close deals faster.


Make decisions.
Close deals.

Analysis that took days now takes minutes. ReDO allows you to analyze more deals in less time, helping you to get to the meeting faster, close the deal and beat out the competition.


Our interface

Dynamic and interactive.

Our interface is familiar and powerful. Automated and flexible. Responsive and collaborative.

Input an address and receive an optimized result instantly. Override the pre-populated data and the platform responds to your inputs.

When you are done, export your data to Excel or other formats for presentation.